Our Advantages

Advantages of Co-living Experience

Every day scores of these go getters come from every corner of the country to build life in this millennium city of dreams, Major Percentage of these people (Approx 90%) loose battle to find a decent place to live. When these enigmatic dreamers are living independently, their life roles in very mundane style, after working for long hectic hours, they only come to their spaces of resident only for sleep. As they have nothing to look forward for when they return back.

We humans are social beings and love to live around people who are of same mindset and culture. When anybody shifts into the new city he struggles to get adjusted to new city and new workplace, making friends and meaningful relationships usually takes time. We don’t always have to find friendships online or on phone or spend our valuable time on watching content online or scrolling through social media till we knocked by sleep. We can just be in V2ZOOM society and engage with like-minded community.

Why Choose Us

Co-living space located in heart of Gurugram

We are a Co-living space located in heart of Gurugram, we have founded this company to serve a new kind of thinkers- Young, Dynamic and ambitious high flyers who have come to this millennium city from all across the country, from remotest corners of India . But can you guess what these bright stars faces in reality …?? “Finding elegant comfortable homes.

They work very hard in their professions in this “millennial city of dreams “to work their way out to destined goals, Instead of focusing on their prime goals they get entangled in battling with Snoopy landlords, Non Existing safe living places, and basic amenities such as water and electricity and some old mindset of illogical restrictions on who to invite over and what time limitations have to be followed in entry and exit their homes.

We not only provide you with decked up accommodation. We want that you should be able to break free the restrictions and mindset and rise above to achieve the sky rocketing goals. We will help you to live peacefully and comfortably which clears your path to achieve the same smoothly.

V2ZOOM Co-living is a space that lets you assimilate your life and work through flexible living arrangements, makes you engage with the community on your own conditions and enjoy beautiful, elegant comfortable homes at reasonable prices.

Comprehending in simple words, we provide you everything  that you need to feel at home and also be productive the moment you arrive .Encouraged as we provide you with the state of the art amenities, removing basic food hassles requirements of  Breakfast, dinner, helping you with concierge services, housekeeping, laundry, security, water and electricity, restaurant, café, communal kitchen, exercising zone, guestrooms, gaming arcade, travel desk, battle tested Wi Fi, and an opportunity to mingle with like-minded community through numerous events and workshops . We aim at making your live experience comfortable, peaceful and enriching that you truly deserve.